MAGZ FM 344: new AV DUMMY / MAANDY / TK ROYALE / ZAHYIA + tons more

Our newest ensemble of under the radar future soul, rap & rnb, Locked and ready for your ears & hearts, Link’s below, let us know what you thought. Enjoy!

Magz FM / Trklist / 344

XOA – World Tour (feat Gardna)
Zeo & J Man – Cool
AV Dummy – Memorial Day
AV Dummy – Brand New Attitude
ki11a k4m – Crosswalk
Yameen – Dead 2 Me feat. KY
Since80s – Been a minute
Cole Metz x Zaiire – Saveit[4U]
Latanya Alberto – Miss Chance
Big Murf – too many wires
Tribal Brothers – Formation x GCG – Voodoo Ray
Zahyia – Rich Men Fly to Mars
TK Royale – For Colored Girls
Maandy – Sirudi Home MaReMixes (Mars Maasai RMX)
Kansado – Lala Guayaba
Toni Sauna & Daniel Englisch – Too Comfy
Scoville University – Mxntrxll (feat. L.Rojo)
Midas Welle & Dadaco – Into The Green
Ransid Prang Kid – Funk Land Paris
ki11a k4m – Sound Like Bitches Calling Me
Boombliss ft. Tigris – Full Color

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