Before you, our latest stash of new, edgy, forward thinking soul, r+b + hip hop lifted from our weekend radio broadcast. Listen now, link below. Leave us a thought + enjoy. x

Magz FM
radio / philadelphia / 343

Elle Shimada – Omnipotent
Lurch – Untitled Serenade
Pugs Atomz – Green Means Go! (Edseven remix)
Creighton – The Moon In Sao Paulo
Lollise – The Booty
Zretro – Zuzu
The Goodwill Projects – unforgettable animist
Mr Rozzi ft Hiromenbipp, N-Tyce – Cascade
Teef – Shot Glass Thoughts
Kallitechnis – Gifted
Julius Rodriguez – All I Do
Jackie Venson – make me feel so good
Mensah – Find A New Groove
JNA – Tell Me Why
Transport – Move Your Body
Herman Kelly x The System – Robyn N. Steelen
Seeds of Fulfillment – Namaste
The Bongo Hop – Ventana (Voilaaa remix)
Mwanjé – Dandelions
Moonchild – What You Wanted (Kiefer Remix)
Fleur Earth – Alte Liebe
George Michael – Careless Whisper (Eddie’s Flip)
Inkswel & The Snaglepuss – Butterflies (ft. Steve Spacek)
Left Key – Dugout
Ni-Emah Bugg – Whatever Brings You Peace
Watermelanin – Body Language
KenBruk Lamar – PT 6
Boldy James & Real Bad Man — Killing Nothing
Benji Wild – Normal
Ken (the Person) – Space to Work

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