Magz FM 339: new Coco Em / Rowena Fysx / Jazzanova / Lex Amor + others

Our weekend salute to the most exciting nu-soul / future r&b jams over the past 7 days is now online. Listen here / Listen now. x

Magz FM / Philadelphia / 339

Son Of Dan ft The Lost Choir – How Wonderful
K15 & Lex Amor – Inevitable Winters
Kyla Charter – The After Party
Dessireé – Redeemed.
Nate Gski – Cant Apologize pt2
Frank Leone – From The Jump
thesmoothcat and the 9th Life – Foundation
Kollage ft Anthony Moore – In Elegy (So Simple)
Aywee Tha Seed – Strugglin’ Grooves
Lord & dego – Faith Must Have Reason
Jazzanova – Orotunds
Sjunne Ferger – Light of Love
Piezo Ansia – LSD Superhero
Coco Em ft. Ndunge Wa Kalele – Kilumi
DJ Earl & Sonic D – Three (Sonic D remix)
DJ Boogie Nite – Everything Good 2 Ya
ilajide – Master Rocka
Shall I Bruk It – I, MySelf + Me! ‘La Di De La’ flip De La
Menes II Society – Was it Good
Kai-Alexander – my ex lives in las vegas
Valley Flaxman ft. Holas May- Choose Life
Thane Q ft.Shady Monk -The Pontiac Vibe
Esabalu – Moon
Monica Rypma – Classifieds
V A P O R S O F T W O R K S – Why
Rowena Fysx – IDFK
Sonya – Untitled
CPTN KIRK – mind your business
CPTN KIRK – don’t keep her waiting
Sofie Mae – gimme all your love
Faizal Mostrixx & Karun – In My Soul
LucasHeaven – I am Loved

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