Magz FM 338: Thom Yorke / Sampha / Truck North + others

Late post, we know! Just came back from an little impromptu vacay. 2 non-functioning external hardrives and a suntan later we feel fully recharged + excited to present this. Our take on the wikkedest underground tunes we could muster. Over 70mins of unbridled, unhinged heat now belongs to you. Enjoy, x.

Tracklist / 338:

Neue Grafik Ensemble ft. Ma.Moyo – Black Bodies
Orlando Voorn & Reggie Dokes – Spiritual Music
Lil Silva ft. Sampha – Backwards
KeiyaA – Camille’s Daughter
Byron the Aquarius ft. Kwezi Kimosi – Back at it
Kayla Amor – Born Again
Edseven & Tan Brown ft. Phat Kat – I Need You (Chris Read Remix)
Fatima & Joe Armon-Jones – Love Life Hope
Donna Thompson – Matchstick
Mr. Mitch – Matchstick
Redeyes ft. Fox – Wait ting
Dubvendor – Get Boxed
Emanuel & The Bionites – Bag O Waya
FRIGHTNRS – Always the
Julius van Rhee – Sleepless Nights
Grandmaster Caz – Now You Know
Godfather – Homicide
Infinite Livez – RCBCPC
D-Code & Psylence, GEAR, Dubois – We Got You
Frisco – High Road
Set – Minutes in Second
Truck North – For The Soul
S. Fidelity, III – Yagi Uda
Pan Amsterdam – Rigatoni
Samis, Drewsic, Tomfool, The Worst Afternoon Sam – Burnt Buds
Terrence Harris – Pull Up
Liliana Jeanine ft. Kdmq – A Coin
Clea Anaïs – Stars Still Dying
Kezia KRW – First Thing Eye
Emily Francis Trio – Broken Kingdom Pt 1
Thom Yorke – 5.17

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