MAGZ FM 387: new music incl. KASSA OVERALL / GEORGIA ANNE MULDROW / BLACK THOUGHT + much much more

Tracklisting / 387

Varnish La Piscine – NUVOJOB
Mbang & Elroc – Scared Valdez
Finn Irregular – Summer Rains (NameBrandSound remix)
Nyamekye Junction / Kaidi Tatham – Too Many Bags (Kaidi’s Remix)
Anais Chantal – Fly
Na Bonsai – Black As Lead
Kassa Overall / Nick Hakim / Theo Cross – Make My Way Back Home
Rex Mics x Sl8r – Bin in the Wind
Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc (PJ’s Objects in the Mirror Remix)
The Talented Mr. Hamilton – Out Of My Head(!)
Georgia Anne Muldrow – Nuke’s Blues (ft. Josef Leimberg)
Etch vs Erykah
Taylor Simone Harvey – Merry Go Round
smiling LIS – RITUALS (RMX)
Passport Rav x Bloo Azul – The Consequence Passport
Larry June X Alchemist ft. Action Bronson – Solid Plan
ProdByPretty – Stay Blessed
Amriki Aswad – Code Switching
El Michels Affair & Black Thought – I’m Still Somehow
Woolmangrundy ft Seyu – Spittoon
Isa Starr – The Moonlight
Isis – In Essense
Vitamin D – Eye Patch Chi

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