Our latest deep dive into all things future soul has been archived and uploaded. Over 70mins of the most underground tunes discovered over the last 7days. Check it out now, press play and enjoy.

Magz FM Radio / Philadelphia / 367

Romare – The Fool
Romare – Arthur
SAULT – Luminous
SAULT – Warrior
SAULT – God Is Love
DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson – Planète
Myriam Makeba – Toyota (Aroop Roy rework)
Hotswold – we live
Deadly Sins – I Left My Heart
Playbook Sessions – Walking With Wolves
Rush Davis & Kingdom – Math & Magic
Mount Kimbie – kissing (feat. slowthai)
Sharky – Shark
Ahwlee – ourhrs
Klein – signed and delivered
Nosaj Thing – Woodland ft serpentwithfeet
4103 – balancing act
dreamcastmoe – Work On It
KATO. K – Masculine Scriptures
Tino & Marrrtin – Limelight
Jay-Z – Interlude2 (T.O.M Remix)
2Pac – Holler If Ya Hear Me [J.PERIOD Start-A-Riot ReFix]
Infinito 2017 – Don’t Stress Vegetables ft. Thaione Davis
Nana Rashid – Mother, Father
The Lullabeats – On & On
Harold Matthews Jr and Sean McCabe – Love And Hate

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