MAGZ FM 363: new music incl FLOWERCHILD / J.MÜLLER / CHLOE BODUR / DON’T LEAK + others

A weekly dive into the sensational world of #futuresoul. Over 70mins of sickness from the last 7days. Listen here. Leave a thought below. Stay free! x

Tracklist / 363

Hagan – Telha ft. Luedji Luna & Sango
Aurora Dee Raynes – Good For You
Jamie 326 – Black Bunz
Ruas Kampala – Like You (Ruas rework)
South Funk Blvd – Skying High (Getting Off On Your Lovin’)
City Lites – Now You’ve Gone Away
Flower Child x Jah Born – Chosen
The Odd 910 – All at Sea
Tall Black Guy x Deborah Bond – Patience (What Does It Mean Remix)
Sonny Hew – Alchemist Lady
The 83rd – diddy b0p
Crafty – Easy Nuh
Safe Energy – Awkward Angles
Jah$tar – TOLL
Vic Spencer – Interstate Penetration
Kemp Dupri x 2SPVCED – jojoba
Revan – Grey Areas
The Upbeats – All Over You
J. Müller – I Am Magic Wildfire Rose Tinted Gold
Chloe Bodur – It’s not my fault
Don’t Leak – Unity
Arima Ederra – Free again
Caytra -The OG
MACHOUSE -I’m Just Here
Medlee – Loves All This

Artist Talk: Don’t Leak / Future Soul Duo / Philly

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