Our most vital collection of nu soul / future r&b / alt rap from the past 7 days. A dizzying batch of underground tunes varying in styles, tempos and overall panache. Listen now, listen here. Enjoy!

Tracklist / 341

SassyBlack – Black People Run the Internet
NuriYAH One ft. Yasad One – Social Census
Zero T & Onj ft. Ursula Rucker – In Union
Boddhi Satva – Unlearn
Auel Gold – They
Guohan – Feeling
Zero T & Onj ft. Terrell King – Some Type Of Way
Özel ab – Yahso
Baindu – Reparations Now!
NuriYAH One & Yasad One – Spiritual One
Deborah Jordan & K15 – Running
Quelle Chris -The Sky Is Blue Because The Sunset Is Red
Joe Ayinde – Reality Check III
Khalil Nasim – wait2late
Skunkz x DirtyDiggs – Divine Intertwine
Mercy Rose – DBL UP
Penny Goodwin – Too Soon You’re Old
Tim Datailor – East Street Groove
Quintapenas – Bailando, Gozando
VitoBeetz – Go4Yourself
HD – kaye oh deez
Shall I Bruk It – Devils Tribe 2 Angel & D Manz
Kate Moe Dee – Get Ready
Anda – Slow Like Honey

Check out our latest Artist Talk w/UKs exciting new future-soul duo Zero T & Onj, discussing the new release “In Union” featuring spoken-word artist, Ursula Rucker.

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