Our weekend broadcast, finally uploaded to the world wide web. A smashing concoction of future soul, alt rap, vintage funk and a lil’ something extra. Please feel free to leave us some kind of the digital footprint (in the manner of like / follow / share) if moved, we’d luv you for doing it. Thank you

Trklst / 335

Gardna – Every Time That I Land (RMX)
Watch The Ride – READY4DEM0
Malik Hendricks – Power
Teru da Funk Jester – Interlufe
1773 – He Did That Live
Fullblast – N!ggas Win, Suckas Lose
Pinder – Get The Money
Starfire – Make The Most Of It
Cory Zealous – showmeurways
Mal Devisa – Ten Takes Lovers
Gbsix – Afro Blue ( Erykah Badu Cover )
Sade – Is It A Crime (Robyn N. Steelen)
Jade Relics – Start Over
Cici Lara – Complicated with You
Hollie Cook – Full Moon Baby
Mali-l ft Ms Ray – Heaven Scent
Yugedesiral – Class A Beat-Tape
Teru da Funk Jester – 2 Belike
Reverse Cosmosis – Grit
Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band – Juicy Fruit
K & Jj – You Bring Me Up (DJ Yamsha Tainted RMX)
Pearl de Luna – Cadillac Cruisin’
Kadhja Bonet – Dear Gina
Soular System – Stage Five II

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