Our weekend broadcast revealing the latest in future global soul is archived & uploaded to the world wide web. Listen here or where ever you go for the best in underground music. Enjoy and stay free. x

Tracklist / 370

STR4TA – Why Must You Fly (ft. Omar)
STR4TA – Something, Anything
kekabeka – million second soul
West Philadelphia Orchestra and g. mervine – Ancestors
Myele Manzanza – Falling Fast (ft. Rosie Frater-Taylor)
Blue Lab Beats – Breathing Eva Gadd
Ripio – De Nuevo
William Willson – Marilyn And Einstein
G-Owens – Plutonian Wedding
Otim Alpha & Leo PaLayeng + Emiliano Motta – Cheza Ngoma
Arnheim – Things Can Change
Stereonoon – So well
M.W. Lion – Spice It Up
LORD$ – I’d Really Like
No Baking Soda & Benny Berlin – Alexanderplatz
Beretta Shells – Do 4 Love
Club Crib – Good Company (ft. Freddie Old Soul)
Stickmanoeuvre – Nature of Life (ft. Helen Marcia McDonald)
Momocurly – Tell Me
Santana Sankofa – Like Beloved
Anyway Tha God x Cosmic Latte – Black Future Amazing
Mentalow Music x Jean Grae
bastrd – 04_18_19_02 (uh)

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